Take Financial vaccination for your children

All new-borns are given a number of vaccines to protect them against a number of diseases.
We at FinChikitsak, also suggest that you consider taking financial vaccines to ensure your child has a comfortable future and you leave no stones unturned for his / her education, marriage or any other requirements.

Since the time I had gone to school, that was back in 1960s, the cost of education has risen at an unforeseeable rate. The cost of education is increasing at a much faster rate than the inflation seen in consumer Price Index (CPI). Ask any parent and you would know that the amount spent on child’s education is very significant in the current scenarios as schools have become commercial, there are so many pressures on the child that taking tuitions is unavoidable and on and on.
These expenses rise further when the child goes to college especially one with hostel accommodation. While children are told to start preparing from IIT / Medical / Law right from 5th or 6th standard, a parent needs to start planning even before the child is conceived!!!
That is why we propose to first vaccinate the parents before the child. The vaccines we provide are the following –
  • a)     Edu-Vac: This protects your child education requirements where-ever he / she desires. We recommend you to take a shot of SIP every month till your child turns 18 and is ready for the next stage of life. This vaccine prevents a sudden shock to the family’s finances & the child can continue to study for the next stage of life. The dosage of the vaccination can be done on a case-by-case basis.
  • b)    Mari-Vac: This vaccination shot protects you against your child’s marriage expenses. We have recently seen exorbitant weddings in the National Capital recently. We have also seen family budgets go haywire when planning for child`s marriage. Again, we recommend you take a shot of SIP till your child is married. The dosage of this vaccine is based on many factors which can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
We would iterate what Albert Einstein has said –
“Compound Interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World. He who understands it, earns it…. he who doesn’t, pays it”
Our vaccinations ensure that your money follows what Albert Einstein wrote many years ago. A long investment horizon protects you from looking at the gyrations of the markets and makes you focus on the long term.
For a fun fact, suppose you invested in Jan 2007, just before the financial crisis period and continued to stay invested in the Nifty till today (11 November 2018), you would have still earned a return of 8.5% compounded returns. That is without taking dividends into account. Historically, the markets have provided investors with an average return of ~ 13 to 14% compounded per year.
Over an 18 year investment horizon, the returns are mind-boggling.
Do contact us for understanding Edu-Vac and Mari-Vac in greater detail and we shall be happy to assist you.
FinChikitsak is a Financial (FIN) doctor (CHIKITSAK) which treats financial diseases of people & helps them to lead a life of happiness. We can be contacted at contact@finchikitsak.com or at +91-99588-10580


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